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2iG Capital provides top-notch advisory services to companies, regardless of industry. Our services are focused on mergers and acquisitions consultancy, offering expertise in a wide range of M&A services that enable us to assist our clients, with absolute confidentiality, to maximize their business according to their timing and investment objectives.


Corporate Finance

The basic line of services. Developed through operations designed by 2iG Capital based on the inspiration and opportunity provided by the deep and hands-on knowledge of the sectors of activity in which 2iG Capital's partners have specialized.


Mergers and Acquisitions

M&A transactions are complex procedures that require the assistance of experts with extensive know-how and experience. Our proven track record allows us to offer our clients the right advice in purchase, divestment and merger operations.


Valuations, Financial & Strategic Advisory

We offer strategy assessment and business plan development services, as well as independent valuation and fairness opinion on specific businesses.


Business Development & Strategic Alliances

We provide business alliances' development services by assessing the existing strategic options in the market, evaluating the different options and providing support in the implementation of joint ventures and partnerships.


Private Placements

We focus on the design and implementation of private placements of capital in specific projects and the later management of these private placements on behalf of the investors.


Advice to family-owned business

Due to our environment's special business structure, it is essential to offer advisory services to family-owned companies with complex issues as the incorporation of new generations to the business or other special governance situations that require medium/long term strategic decision-making.


Wealth Management

This line of service is 2iG Capital's response to the increasingly frequent demand from M&A clients. The service approach is based on the design of an investment strategy and management outsourcing, except for direct investments in unlisted companies or business projects.


With more than 100 successfully completed transactions, we have a solid track record and deep know-how in many industries.

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© 2iG Capital 2019. All Rights Reserved.    

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Your M&A Boutique for the last 30 years.

Your M&A Boutique for the last 30 years.