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2iG Capital provides top-notch advisory services to companies, regardless of industry. Our services are focused on mergers and acquisitions consultancy, offering expertise in a wide range of M&A services that enable us to assist our clients, with absolute confidentiality, to maximize their business according to their timing and investment objectives.


Mergers and Acquisitions

A merger is a complex process which requires knowledge and guidance of an expert in corporate transactions. Our insight and experience allows us to provide high-level advice.


Corporate Finance

Our Corporate Finance service provides strategic and financial investors with independent advice to create value through transactions and investments.


Valuations, Financial & Strategic Advisory

Our experience in finance gives us the confidence to critically assess businesses and provide key recommendations. We offer true independence and fairness of opinion.


Debt & Equity Private Placements

We focuse on understanding the client's valuation expectations, optimal timing, etc. We understand the private equity and debt markets.


Business Development & Strategic Alliances

Our main goal is being able to cooperate, help and form alliance relationships to generate new customers and improve efficiency in governance.


Family Business Advisory

Effective governance is the hallmark of a truly sustainable family business. We guide you ensuring that we provide you the value that you seek.


Wealth Management

We partner with you and act in your best interest to ensure your long term financial success. We are a fiduciary in every capacity of our service. Our client’s interests come first.


With more than 100 successfully completed transactions, we have a solid track record and deep know-how in many industries.

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© 2iG Capital 2019. All Rights Reserved.    

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Your M&A Boutique for the last 30 years.

Your M&A Boutique for the last 30 years.